Xin chao,

AN Handmade is a local brand providing high-quality hemp fabrics and hemp products. Located at 17 Hang Manh st., Hanoi and 17 Ly Quoc Su st., Hanoi, it takes just around some minutes to walk from Hoan Kiem Lake or Hanoi St. Joseph Cathedral.

If you are looking for authentic Vietnamese handmade gifts or home decor items, find them at AN Handmade. Our shop offers a wide range of handmade stuff made from locally sourced and sustainable hemp fabric. From one-of-a-kind clothing and elegant table runners to functional wallets.

Our skillful ethnic artisans use traditional techniques that are passed down through generations to create stunning and durable products. With respect and passion, our goal is to share and inspire traditional arts, contribute to the preservation and development of Vietnam’s traditional crafts, as well as supporting local communities.

Visit AN Handmade to see the beauty of hemp fabric and take a piece of Vietnam’s rich cultural heritage home with you.

Thiep Nguyen

i am a local tourist guide in Vietnam with a huge love in ethnic brocade and cultural handicrafts. Our mission is preserving and sharing these beautiful cultures to the world as well as supporting the local women.

Dung Trieu

I am from a small village in Sapa, north of Vietnam. Our family has been making hemp fabric and ethnic brocade for years